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Tincup Creek Stream Restoration Project--Phase 3 -ID

Tincup Creek
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The Tincup Creek Stream Restoration Project Phase 3 is a large-scale, multi-phased project to improve ecosystem function and habitat for Yellowstone cutthroat trout and other native species by restoring channel and floodplain function on 4 miles of degraded stream in southeast Idaho. Trout Unlimited (TU) and the Caribou-Targhee National Forest (CTNF) have chosen to focus their efforts here for the next several years to complete the restoration project. The primary cause for the degraded state of the stream has been linked to aerial spraying of willows in 1956, which precipitated the subsequent unraveling of the stream system.  TU proposes to accomplish this long-term vision of restoration for YCT and other native species by focusing on restoring channel and floodplain function and processes. Primary restoration methods will include: restoring eroding meander bends using bioengineering techniques, reconnecting old meanders, and raising riffle elevations. (The One Fly supported Phases One and Two in 2017 and 2018.)

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