Jackson Hole One Fly

An event celebrating fly fishing and dedicated to the betterment of trout and trout habitat.


To generate, manage and grant funding for projects and education which environmentally benefit the future of trout and fly fishing by annually sponsoring a three-day event uniting enthusiastic fly fishers from around the world with premier regional guides who all endeavor to celebrate the joy and spirit of the sport during the fishing, social and fundraising activities of the event, and who throughout the year, promote that same joy and spirit of fly fishing and the future of the trout.


Dec. 15 – Team application deadline
Jan. 15 – 2020 Team notification
Feb. 15– Team withdrawal deadline
Apr. 1 – Team fee balance due
Sep. 10-13 – 2020 One Fly Event

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The Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation organizesmanages and administers the One Fly Event every September in Jackson Hole, WY. The JHOFF uses monies raised to fund stream conservation, habitat preservation and rehabilitation projects along with stewardship education.  Founded in 1986, the JHOFF is committed to responsible stream conservation activities in concert with other not-for-profit, state and federal agencies to benefit fly fishing, trout habitat and therefore trout populations primarily in the Snake River drainage and headwaters in Yellowstone Park

From the Chairman

Welcome to the 2020 Jackson Hole One Fly.  As many of you may know, this is the 35th anniversary of the One Fly which is a great achievement on many levels.  Being in the business of investing in private companies, I know well that most start-ups fail.  That this one has prospered so well and for so long speaks to the vision and talents of those who founded the event way back in 1986 (before many of our great guide crew and maybe even several of this year’s participants were born, let alone throwing a fly).  The success of the One Fly also reflects the commitment and dedication of our staff, the outfitters and guides with whom we work, the generosity of our participants, and the support of our local community on both the Wyoming and Idaho sides of the river.

Just to provide a bit of context, the first Jackson Hole One Fly had 24 teams.  We are now up to 40 with a waiting list that seems to be growing with each year.  In that first year the money raised was used to establish a scholarship fund for the children of guide Peter Crosby who tragically lost his life during that inaugural event.  That the founders and participants of the One Fly were able to rally the troops to offer financial assistance to the Crosby family was a sign that the camaraderie and kinship felt by those involved with this great event would become the driving force behind the creation of a charitable foundation that has raised and secured over $1.7 million ( and a total of $15.5 million including matching funds) for the benefit of the fish we love to catch and the river systems in which they thrive.  Funds raised by the One Fly have been used to restore, enhance and protect waters in the Snake River drainage as well as those in and around Yellowstone Park.  The efforts of the One Fly have helped spread much joy to both event participants and the broader community of locals and tourists who fish these fabled streams.  I trust you all will continue the grand tradition of giving generously via your participation in the event and in the Friday night auction which is our principle fundraising mechanism.  Please also be sure to provide a well-earned tip to your guides during the event.  For most of us, somewhere along the line in our fishing careers we likely had the good fortune to learn important lessons from a guide or three that opened our minds and our senses to this wonderful world of fly fishing.  Please pay it forward now by recognizing your guides who are critical partners in the ongoing success of the One Fly.

In terms of the event itself, I hope you feel or will grow to feel about it as I do--that every moment is one to be anticipated and cherished.  From the opening-night cocktail party and Friday night auction, to the early morning breakfasts and pre-game jitters, to the 2 days of frenzy and focus, the event offers an unparalleled opportunity to build friendships, create memories, and participate in something truly special.  Everything culminates in our Sunday night dinner—the cathartic climax that marks the end of another year and sends us home exhausted, yet refreshed, humbled, yet hopeful and filled with anticipation of next year’s JHOF.

For those of you joining us for the first time and as the commercials suggest, “you can do it.”  While equal parts luck and skill are usually required to do well, anything is possible.  We have had first-year teams as winners.  We’ve had several teams win multiple times, and some have won in back-to-back years.  Clearly skill counts, and lightening can strike twice (and maybe 3 or 4 times in some cases).  Of course, the converse is also true.  Bad luck or bad casts can occur more than once.  We have had several teams come in last place multiple times and in one case (not mentioning any names) in consecutive years.  Nonetheless, and in perhaps the best example of what this tournament means to those who fish in or are otherwise involved with it, there is actually a last place trophy (and a pretty impressive one at that).  Only in America?  Only at the One Fly.

I will leave you with this: Enjoy every moment on the water, fish well and remember, tight lines but loose wallets.


Greg Case, Chairman, Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation

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Winning Flies

2019 winning fly Stella


Size 18 Loop Wing Mayfly

Size 18 Loop Wing Mayfly



 Scharp's Skunk Works Minnow

Scharp's Skunk Works Minnow

Tungsten Peasant Tail

Tungsten Pheasant Tail

Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail