Jackson Hole One Fly

An event celebrating fly fishing and dedicated to the betterment of trout and trout habitat.


To generate, manage and grant funding for projects and education which environmentally benefit the future of trout and fly fishing by annually sponsoring a three-day event uniting enthusiastic fly fishers from around the world with premier regional guides who all endeavor to celebrate the joy and spirit of the sport during the fishing, social and fundraising activities of the event, and who throughout the year, promote that same joy and spirit of fly fishing and the future of the trout.


Dec.  15 – Team application deadline
Jan. 15 – 2019 Team notification
Feb. 15 – Team withdrawal deadline
Apr. 15 – Team fee balance due
Sep. 5-8 – 2019 One Fly Event

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The Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation organizesmanages and administers the One Fly Event every September in Jackson Hole, WY. The JHOFF uses monies raised to fund stream conservation, habitat preservation and rehabilitation projects along with stewardship education.  Founded in 1986, the JHOFF is committed to responsible stream conservation activities in concert with other not-for-profit, state and federal agencies to benefit fly fishing, trout habitat and therefore trout populations primarily in the Snake River drainage and headwaters in Yellowstone Park

From the Chairman

In March 2017, I accepted an invitation to speak at the oldest angling fraternity in the world, Flyfishers’ Club in London. Created in 1884, the Club has remained true to its founders’ vision of establishing one of the world’s most welcoming, diverse, and interesting flyfishing fellowships. Many famous flyfishermen and authors have been members of the Club, including G.E.M. Skues, who dedicated his seminal 1921 work, The Way of a Trout with a Fly, to the Club “for so many happy hours and some priceless friends.” Today the Club still includes many of the world’s best fishermen and fly fishing writers, and an extensive library that celebrates the latter. The One Fly concept fascinated the Brits. They were curious to learn its origin which came from the legendary Lee Wulff, the father of American fly fishing. The members were familiar with Wulff as a renown angler, designer of the fabled Royal Wulff patterns, and as an author, but they had no idea that he had inspired the One Fly. Wulff’s article, “If You Only Had One Fly” (Outdoor Life, 1970) challenged anglers to choose a single fly for an entire day. This article prompted local Jackson Hole guides Jack Dennis and Paul Bruun to organize the first Jackson Hole One Fly. I also recounted how the One Fly Board established the non-profit foundation to not only manage the event, but to raise funds to benefit local conservations. As I finished my presentation, the members realized that the One Fly embodies the fun of fly fishing with the challenge of choosing and fishing with only one fly. They appreciated that everyone who has participated in this matchless event understands its unique nature: the thrill of catching that 22 inch Cutty and the tales of the monster fish that got away, the camaraderie which this event engenders and the memories which last a lifetime. But the Brits don’t have anything that compares to our fund raising efforts to protect the habitats of the fish that they try to, and often fail to catch. I have stressed the importance of your financial contributions which sustain the very habitat we all so enjoy, but enough can never be said about the need for your support. In addition to the auction items which you have so generously provided, I am asking each team to make a meaningful cash donation. The Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, which makes your contribution tax deductible, and more than 90% of your gift goes directly to conservation. If every team could contribute at least $1000, that would be a significant help to the conservation budget. I’m contributing $5000 to our Foundation to dance with the trout, how about you?


Joe De Briyn, Chairman, Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation

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Winning Flies

Size 18 Loop Wing Mayfly

Size 18 Loop Wing Mayfly



 Scharp's Skunk Works Minnow

Scharp's Skunk Works Minnow

Tungsten Peasant Tail

Tungsten Peasant Tail

Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail