Trout Stream Improvement

Spring Creek Fish Passage Improvement in Grand Teton (WY)

Snake River, Wyoming
Project Recipient
Grand Teton National Park
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Grand Teton National Park will restore floodplain connectivity of Spring Creek to the Snake River floodplain, and allow native cutthroat trout (Yellowstone cutthroat trout, Snake River cutthroat trout) to move from the Snake River into potential spawning grounds. This project will address a fish passage problem created by a culvert passing under the inside park road just below Jackson Lake Dam in Grand Teton National Park. An existing 48” culvert passes under the inside park road, and has been identified as a barrier to fish passage. The correction of the passage problem created directly by the culvert will be accomplished through the construction of grade control structures to alter the approach water surface to the existing culvert. The Spring Creek site is located along the left bank of the Snake River, approximately 2,000 feet downstream of the Jackson Lake Dam. Stream channel crossings by roads have been the cause of serious losses of fish habitat due improperly designed culverts. Loss of fish passage at road crossings has many potential effects. One obvious effect is that if the crossing blocks upstream fish passage of both adult and juvenile fish, the reach will no longer be accessible as habitat. Post construction, the site will be monitored for usage by cutthroat trout and other native species. Project partners will include Quadrant Consulting, Inc. Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Trout Unlimited, and Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

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