Trout Stream Improvement

Short and Riley Creeks Porter Memorial Restoration (ID)

North Fork Coeur d'Alene River watershed and Tepee Creek watershed, Idaho
Project Recipient
North Idaho Fly Casters
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North Idaho Fly Casters will improve fish habitat, fish migration and reduce sediment loads on Idaho’s Short Creek, Riley Creek and Tepee Creek. This project will reduce sediment risk as part of an effort to meet existing TMDLs in all watersheds and improve fish habitat and migration. Currently Short creek, Riley Creek, and Tepee Creek support Westslope cutthroat trout, Shorthead Sculpin and Longnose Dace. Historically, these streams may have supported Bull trout. This project will provide for more movement of all life stages of these species through improve fish passage. North Idaho Fly Casters will conduct the following activities: (1) culvert removal/replacement to improve fish passage, (2) large woody debris installation for improved fish habitat and channel complexity, (3) road removal and grade control for sediment reduction. This project will reduce 2.1 tons of sediment with road removal. Total sediment reduction from this project will be 2614.1 tons. Planting of riparian vegetation will also occur with the help of in-kind volunteer labor from the North Idaho Fly Casters and other conservation groups. Idaho Department of Fish and Game is a partner on this project.

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