Trout Stream Improvement

Restoring Fish Passage at Tonks Canal-ID

Tonks Canal on Trail Creek
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Friends of the Teton River
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Friends of the Teton River, the Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission and the Teton Water User’s Association are working together to restore fish passage, functioning stream channel geomorphology and conveyance at the Tonks Canal on Trail Creek in Victor, Idaho. This project will replace a failed checkdam with fish-friendly step-pool weirs; allowing irrigators access to their water rights, improving fish passage and outmigration at low-flows, and restoring the stream channel and gradient to prevent further incision, sedimentation, flooding, and habitat loss. This project is a win-win for Trail Creek irrigators and cutthroat trout, and demonstrates a unique willingness of the farming and ranching community to choose conservation-minded solutions.

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