Trout Stream Improvement


South Fork of the Snake River
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Bureau of Land Management
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The project will fund a professional topographic survey of the Conant Valley area for the development of a design to stabilize the bank along the South Fork between Conant Boat Access and South Fork Lodge in order to stabilize and/or conduct reconstruction of bank along the South Fork of the Snake River (South Fork) in Conant Valley between Conant Boat Access (BLM managed lands) and South Fork Lodge (private land). Historically the bank upstream of Conant Boat Access was protected by an island but since 2004 the island has eroded and the bank is fully exposed to the South Fork.  The bank has eroded to the extent that the BLM managed boat access and private lands upstream of the boat access are threatened by the continued erosion.  The BLM has been working with the adjacent upstream landowner, South Fork Lodge, to determine a stabilization project for the bank.  A portion of the bank in front of South Fork Lodge was stabilized in 1998.  The bank upstream and downstream of this stabilization work is eroding.  The downstream portion is what connects to the bank upstream of Conant Boat Access.

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