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Aquatic Nuisance Species Pocket Guide (MT, WY, ID)

Throughout the Greater Yellowstone Area, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho
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The Snake River Fund will design, print and distribute a pocket guide book to educate and inform individuals about aquatic nuisance species. Land managers in the Greater Yellowstone Area are becoming increasingly concerned about the threat of aquatic nuisance species (ANS) to natural aquatic ecosystems.  These invaders represent complex threats to our fisheries, lakes and rivers.  Human introduction of non-native species, such as New Zealand mudsnails, zebra and quagga mussels, exert pressure on native species by out-competing them for food and ecological niches.  Education is a major tool that land managers can use to help prevent the introduction and further spread of ANS.  This pocket guide will address three aspects of ANS: 1) a picture of the species to help with visual identification; 2) a map (if information is available) of the current range/location of the species; and 3) recommended methods for decontaminating/cleaning gear and equipment. By educating the public and changing their behavior, it is hoped that outcomes like watershed degradation, negative recreation and economic impacts, and reduction in native species can be avoided. Only through active public participation can the threat of ANS be mitigated. Project partners include Madison River Foundation, Teton County Weed and Pest, Wyoming Dept. of Agriculture, Friends of the Teton River, Gallatin National Forest, Bridger Teton National Forest, Shoshone National Forest, Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Yellowstone National Park, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Center for Aquatic Nuisance Species, Teton Conservation District, Wyoming Game & Fish, Idaho Fish and Game, Yellowstone Park Foundation, and Trout Unlimited.

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