Jackson Hole One Fly

An event celebrating fly fishing and dedicated to the betterment of trout and trout habitat.


To generate, manage and grant funding for projects and education which environmentally benefit the future of trout and fly fishing by annually sponsoring a three-day event uniting enthusiastic fly fishers from around the world with premier regional guides who all endeavor to celebrate the joy and spirit of the sport during the fishing, social and fundraising activities of the event, and who throughout the year, promote that same joy and spirit of fly fishing and the future of the trout.


The 2023 Jackson Hole One Fly is scheduled for:

September 7th-10th



2022 Event Recap


The Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation organizesmanages and administers the One Fly Event every September in Jackson Hole, WY. The JHOFF uses monies raised to fund stream conservation, habitat preservation and rehabilitation projects along with stewardship education.  Founded in 1986, the JHOFF is committed to responsible stream conservation activities in concert with other not-for-profit, state and federal agencies to benefit fly fishing, trout habitat and therefore trout populations primarily in the Snake River drainage and headwaters in Yellowstone Park

From the Chairman

Dear Friends of the Jackson Hole One Fly:


In today’s world it seems like every year features one or more “Black Swan” events involving politics, the economy, our culture/society or the environment.  We are all impacted to some extent by these events, but the first 3 categories may seem largely out of our control as individuals.  Perhaps the same can be said of environmental issues and yet I believe it may be the one area where we can, individually and collectively (as Jackson Hole One Fly participants, guides, Board, and staff members) make a discernible difference in the present and for the future.  Looking forward, it’s hard to imagine a world where there will be less concern over climate change, less concern over water (supply and quality) and less fishing pressure, and yet we have the ability and means to take some necessary steps to ensure that we leave the Snake River, South Fork of the Snake and its tributaries and headwaters in conditions at least as good as what existed when the One Fly began over 35 years ago.  This has been one of the goals of the One Fly since its early days.  We have been able to make continual progress against this goal by virtue of the support of our participants, guides, outfitters, other like-minded conservation partners and the local community.  Perhaps the best way to illustrate how we all can make a difference is to highlight the South Flat Creek Channel Restoration Project, one of the many restoration/conservation efforts supported by the One Fly over the years. Beginning in 2016, the Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation (through the efforts of our Stream Improvement Committee) has contributed $100,000 to underwrite the restoration of form and function of 1.4 miles of Flat Creek south of Jackson. For those of you who may not know, Flat Creek provides important spawning habitat for our native Snake River Cutthroat Trout and a great local fishing spot in Jackson with one of the world’s great views to go along with the fishing.  The One Fly’s contribution and various grant matches of almost $2 million from other organizations have enabled reconnection and development of floodplain wetlands, the restoration of native riparian species and improved spawning density of Snake River Cutthroat in Flat Creek.  Projects like this, and many others where the One Fly has been an important collaborator and funding source, resulted in the Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation being named the Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited “Partner of the Year” this past May.  In truth, you all have earned the same designation and honor.  The One Fly’s ability to provide necessary funding and leadership for projects such as that involving Flat Creek is wholly contingent on your support via participation in our annual fishing event and auction.  


We look forward to welcoming you to the 2022 One Fly and hope you will continue to contribute your time, mindshare and dollars to a great cause that can make a lasting impact.  And for those of you lucky enough to land a fish or two in the Snake during the One Fly (or at some other time on Flat Creek) give yourself a pat on the back, not just for your angling skill, but for your willingness to get involved and help us leave this resource better off for our having been here.

Best wishes and tight lines…

Greg Case

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Winning Flies

This fly was a spin-off of the Chicklet fly pattern. This fly was tied by Jason Moore and a co-design with Jake Mangis.

JM Chicklet

Crystal Frenchie

Crystal Frenchie

2019 winning fly Stella


Size 18 Loop Wing Mayfly

Size 18 Loop Wing Mayfly



 Scharp's Skunk Works Minnow

Scharp's Skunk Works Minnow