Trout Stream Improvement

Yellowstone River Streamflow Restoration

Yellowstone River Streamflow Restoration
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Montana Water Trust
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The Montana Water Trust will restore flows in chronically dewatered tributaries to the Yellowstone River in the Paradise Valley and Shields River Valley. This project will monitor and manage Montana Water Trust’s current instream flow project on Mill Creek, a tributary to the Upper Yellowstone, as well as, identify, prioritize, and implement additional projects that enhance flows in dewatered reaches of the Upper Yellowstone. Low flows have been identified as limiting factors for Yellowstone cutthroat trout and other fish. By using voluntary, incentive-based contracts to transfer consumptive (irrigation) water rights to instream flow, Montana Water Trust will restore aquatic habitat and provide connectivity for native trout. Project partners include Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, the Upper Shields Watershed Association, and the Upper Yellowstone Watershed Basin Group.

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