Trout Stream Improvement

Wyoming Game and Fish Department - Blue Crane Creek Spawning and Migration Enhancement

Blue Crane Creek Spawning and Migration Enhancement

In 1921, the Game and Fish Commission was established to provide citizen oversight to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. The Commission is made up of seven officials, appointed by the Governor, who each represent a region in the state. The Commission serves as the policy making board responsible for the direction and supervision of the Director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and through the Department provides an adequate and flexible system of control, propagation, management and protection and regulation of all wildlife in Wyoming.

The Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation – National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Conservation Partnership Program is supporting an ongoing watershed project for the spring creeks of the Snake River. The WGFD is striving with cooperators, interest groups, land managers, and landowners to promote watershed function and ecosystem integrity by enhancing the quality and diversity aquatic habitats in spring creek. These areas are integral to the natural recruitment of native trout for a fishery of national importance. Currently the channels have become inundated with sediment, widened, made shallow, and satiated with aquatic vegetation due to lack of flushing flows. Enhancement projects will be developed to provide sustainable spawning gravels, pools, overhead cover, and migration routes for native Snake River Cutthroat Trout. In order to restore the function of trout migration and spawning, the grantee plans to enhance aquatic habitats to maximum ecological potential, improve structure and function of spring creeks, provide sufficient spawning and migration habitat to increase Snake River cutthroat trout populations and provide a quality fishery for anglers within the Snake River.

Project Status:

This project was just approved and the grantees have just received their contracts. Implementation of the project will begin shortly.

For more information, contact: Lara Sweeney, [email protected], 307-733-2321.

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