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Henry’s Lake Outlet Restoration Project 2004

Henry’s Lake Outlet Restoration Project 2004
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Henry's Fork Foundation
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The Henry’s Fork Foundation (HFF) is a nonprofit, member-based organization founded in 1984 to preserve and protect the unique qualities of the Henry’s Fork watershed located in eastern Idaho. The Henry’s Fork Foundation is very active in regional decision-making and policy. HFF is working with local, state and federal agencies with a commitment to better management of the watershed. Through relationships built within the framework of the Henry’s Fork Watershed Council, HFF has a full understanding of individual interest and regulatory management in the basin, and can address watershed issues with mutual respect for all constituents.

The Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation – National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Conservation Partnership Program is providing funding for this project to restore a one half mile section of the Henry’s Lake Outlet to its historic channel, resulting in a major reduction in sediment delivery to the upper Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, the reconnection of the outlet to its floodplain and wetlands, and significant improvements in water quality and instream habitat. This project has national scope and significance; the upper reach of the Henry’s for is severely degraded by sediment, which not only poses a threat to the world-renowned trout fishery downstream but also prevents the upper river from being restored to its full fishery potential. Equally important, the upper Henry’s Fork has been identified as a Yellowstone cutthroat trout reintroduction site, part of a larger strategy to recover the species as much as possible in the Henry’s Fork headwaters. The odds of success are long if the habitat is not improved and enhanced by this project.

Project Status:

This project was just approved and the grantees have just received their contracts. Implementation of the project will begin shortly.

For more information, contact: Steve Trafton, [email protected], 208-652-3567.

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