Trout Stream Improvement

Bruneau River Non-Native Fish Exclusion

Bruneau River Non-Native Fish Exclusion
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Idaho Department of Fish and Game
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The Idaho Department of Fish and Game will install a sloped velocity fish-barrier in the Bruneau River to prevent establishment of non-native fish, particularly smallmouth bass. The Bruneau River remains one of the few drainages in the west that does not play host to non-native trout species and acts as a refuge, or stronghold, for nine species of native fish including three species of special concern: the bull trout (threatened  status under ESA), desert redband (petitioned for listing under ESA) and leopard dace. At this time, the current diversion dam is unstable and could fail at any time. Replacing the diversion dam with a new design and modifying the adjacent irrigation structures to accommodate the new structure will prevent access and intrusion by non-native species in order to protect native species.

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