Trout Stream Improvement

Badger Creek Diversion Project

Badger Creek Diversion Project
Project Recipient
Friends of the Teton River
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Project JHOF Funding
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The Friends of the Teton River will remove significant barriers to native Yellowstone cutthroat trout migration and reduce entrainment potential in diversion ditches by reconstructing the current irrigation infrastructure to enhance fish passage from headwaters to valley floor. Badger Creek is one of four Teton River tributaries that contain native Yellowstone cutthroat trout without the presence of non-native competitors. This project will help increase the potential for resident cutthroat trout to move downstream from tributary headwaters. The applicant will be working with local landowner irrigators, the Idaho Department of Fish and Wildlife and Idaho Trout Unlimited. Key project deliverables will be a reconstructed splitter diversion, fish screens, a fish ladder and new headgates.

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