GUIDE'S CORNER-"Six Feet of Separation"-by Zach Peyton

This term has a whole different meaning in today’s world than it did for many years in the guide community...It was symbolic, and it was the distance between the rower’s bench and the bow of the boat. We would always joke that, ideally, down the road, we would all like to move six feet forward in the boat--a metaphor for moving forward in life.

Kid's Fishing Day 2017

The kids fishing day is such a great opportunity to bring the youth together to teach them conservation and preservation of trout, while making the experience a fund a memorable time. With your support, we were able to reach 220 kids and their families at the 2016 event. The young anglers participating in the event learned about fishing, aquatic insects, fish biology, and more. They also enjoyed a free lunch, and afternoon of fishing and got to go home with a free hat and, most importantly, a free fishing pole.