What painful but fun memories

Liquid Planet Anglers

"Wait ... wait ... set ... set  were the last words I heard as the large mouth of a cutty was about to engulf my Amy’s Ant." Then, the next words out of my guides mouth were, “ohhhhh, you’ll get him next time.” The old adage of our sport proved true once again, which is why we call it fishing and not catching. Our  Jackson Hole One Fly team is very good at fishing! About 16 years ago, our four man team’s application was accepted by the One Fly Board. What a big mistake they made, but what a wonderful journey for our team. Who came up with such a dumb idea of limiting a fly fisherman to one fly (Thank You, Jack Dennis)? Whatever happened to the concept of “Match the Hatch”? This event, which was established to raise funds to protect and enhance the Snake River and its surrounding waters, can drive even the most experienced fly fisherman crazy. Picking One Fly to fish each day sounds easy, but the amount of brain power used languishing over what it will be; Nymph, Streamer or Dry, could solve all of the world’s toughest problems. Knowing that once you lose your fly, if you do, you can not fish for the rest of the day. Not only have you let yourself down, you have let your team down. The good news is that you have met a great guide, a terrific  fellow angler, both of whom you fished with all day, in a spectacular setting. Even better, you know you’ll share incredible stories over cocktails with old and new friends. Here are some of the more memorable stories; diving naked into very cold water to retrieve a fly from a submerged tree, throwing a rod from a fast moving drift boat onto the bank, before the reel ran out of backing. Also, losing a fly on a back cast only to find it five minutes later floating in front of the boat. What painful but fun memories. The One Fly organizers, guides and participants are terrific people, who not only love fly fishing, but care about improving and protecting the waters they fish. Our team, Liquid Planet Anglers (how we came up with the name can be discussed over a bottle of single malt scotch) is truly grateful that we have been included in the One Fly family. In parting, I would like to mention there was never a last place trophy until we came along. We thought that it would be great fun to offer a very large silver trophy annually to  the last place team. We, unfortunately, have the dubious distinction of “winning” our trophy more than once!  "

-Tight Lines, Liquid Planet Anglers