GUIDE'S CORNER-“Rock the Bobber”

The One Fly event is a gathering of the best anglersand guides in the country. The One Fly also raisessignificant monies for fish conservation that canbe seen in the various projects throughout Idaho andWyoming. The event has raised millions of dollars since1986 to improve native cutthroat habitat. The Snake Riverdrainage has been protected for future generations to enjoythe sport of fly-fishing from money raised from the OneFly gathering.

The One Fly Event has been a great experience for me asa guide. I have made many new and lasting friendshipsthrough the event. Every year I look forward to seeing thesefriends both guides and contestants and discussing whatfly to use. Each One Fly is different and a fly pattern thatworked well the last couple of years does not mean it willwork this year. In fact, the fishing changes daily and it maybe wise to choose your pattern a couple days or even theday before.

I have traditionally suggested a dry fly for the contest. Afoam pattern to imitate the September stone or mutantstone that is present at that time. The foam bugs have manyadvantages to the event. The fly is durable, should last theentire day, high profile for anglers to see, and catches fish.

The last few years my boat scores have been middle of thepack. Last year the boats that used nymphs in the contestput up the biggest scores. I have never considered the ideaunless my contestant was from Utah. It may be time tochange my ways and “rock” the bobber? The fact of thematter is that nymphing works. It may not be the “coolest”of methods but it fills score sheets. Trout feed 75 percentbelow the surface. Nymphing is also the most effective wayto catch trout when there is no hatch and the fish are notlooking up.The bottom line is “fish a fly you have faith in”. If you haveconfidence in a fly it makes all the difference and shouldbe one of the main determining factors on your choice offly. The other factor is if your guide recommends the fly. Each guide has their own program coming into the event and how they want to fish that day. Hopefully, all agree on what fly to use and you fill your card! Good luck this year!-Mike Bean, 2012 Carmichael-Cohen Award Recipient